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AI, a Converging Technology @Webit 2017

How a Super Computer Shapes new Boundaries: IBM Watson @START Summit 2017

The Future of Talking with Technology @Product Tank London 2016

Christoph Auer-Welsbach (Partner Innovation Leader at IBM Watson) – The future of talking to technology (ProductTank London) from Mind the Product on Vimeo.

Talking with Technology @ChatBotConf 2016

Christop Auer-Welsbach (IBM Watson): Talking with Technology #CBC16

What’s hot and not in AI @How to Web 2016 Новости Украина

FOMO on AI? Let’s identify your low-hanging fruits @TOA Berlin 2016

Natural Interfaces and Intelligent Assistants @Latitude59 2016

Natural interfaces and Intelligent Assistants , panel at Latitude59 – 2016 louisiana payday loans

Smarter Future: A.I. is here @TNW Europe 2016

TNW Europe 2016 | Smarter Future: AI is here

The Cognitive Era – How A.I. transforms products + services @TheFamily

Can our society cope with Artificial Intelligence? @StartupDay Stockholm 2016