The technology and venture community is all about the culture of sharing experiences and giving back to those who are on a similar track than we’ve gone through already. After years of active involvement in startups, startup accelerators, technology ecosystems and venture activities across the globe in various sectors like machine learning, blockchain, mobile applications, and IoT/Smart Cities, I’m trying to create relevant and high-quality content for the people interested and active in those and new spaces.

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Engagements (2017)

Applied AI – January 17 (Hongkong, HK) – Panelist at “The Artificial Intelligence among us” #AI

ACG Silicon Valley – January 31 (Sant Clara, US) – Panelist at “Corporate Venture Capital – Innovate or Die” 

TechChill – February 9 (Riga, LV) – Keynote on “Blockchain Technology – Sustaining or Disruptive Innovation?” #Blockchain

World Business Dialogue – March 10 (Cologne, DE) – Panelist at “Artificial Intelligence & the role of Humanity”

Bosch Connected World – March 15 (Berlin, DE) – Keynote on “Thinking with Technology”

START Summit – March 24 (St. Gallen, CH) – Keynote on “How a Super-Computer shapes new Boundaries: IBM Watson” + Moderator at “AI and its business implementations

STHLM Tech Meetup – April 3 (Stockholm, SE) – Panelist on TBC

EXEC – April 5 (Berlin, DE) – Fireside Chat on TBC

Sage Summit UK – April 6 (London, UK) – Panelist on “The 4th Industrial Revolution”

WEBIT.FESTIVAL – April 25 (Sofia, BG) – Keynote on “AI, a Converging Technology”

The Next Web Europe – May 18 (Amsterdam, NL) – Panel Moderation on “Defining ethical standards & regulation in AI”

GCV Symposium – May 23 (London, UK) – Panel Moderation on “The uneasy relationship between a corporate venturing unit and its big parent company”

The Shift – May 31 (Turku, FI) – Keynote on “Can AI have Ethics?”

Fifteen Seconds – June 8 (Graz, AT) – Keynote on “A Quantum Leap”

Money 20/20 Europe – June 26 (Copenhagen, DK) – Panelist on “The Rise of Corporate VCs”

Tech Open Air – July 12 (Berlin, DE) – Talk on “A Quantum Leap”

Machine Intelligence Summit – July 14 (Berlin, DE) – Moderator on “AI in our daily life interactions & frictions

Watson SEE Summit – September 14 (Opatija, HR) – Keynote on “Innovation as the Change Driver”

South Summit – October 5 (Madrid, ES) – Panelist on “How to deal with a corporate in the board?”

World Summit AI – October 10 (Amsterdam, NL) – Moderator on TBC

Slush – November 31 (Helsinki, FO) – TBC


Engagements (2016)

Execfintech – March 8 (Frankfurt, DE) – Keynote on “Threat Intelligence, how AI goes beyond fending off attacks”

Uprise Festival – April 21 (Amsterdam, NL) – Moderator at “Are humans still relevant anymore?”

StartupDay – April 23 (Stockholm, SE) – Keynote on “Can our society cope with AI?”

The Family – May 10 (Paris, FR) – Keynote on “The Cognitive Era – How A.I. transforms products + services”

Berlin.AI – May 18 (Berlin, DE) – Keynote on “An introduction to Applied Artificial Intelligence”

Campus Party – May 25 (Utrecht, NL) – Keynote on “Applied Machine Learning: How Startups and Society exploit the benefits of AI”

TNW Europe – May 26 (Amsterdam, NL) – Moderator at “Just how imperative will intelligent machines be in future?”

Latitude59 – May 31 (Tallinn, EE) – Panelist at “Natural Interfaces and Intelligent Data Mining”

Challengers – June 9 (Barcelona, ES) – Keynote on “We exceeded the treshold of usability of A.I. Now what?”

TOA Berlin  – July 14 (Berlin, DE) – Keynote on “FOMO on A.I.? Let’s identify your low-hanging fruits!”

STHLM TECH FESTIVAL – September 5th (Stockholm, SE) – Keynote on “Thinking with Technology”

Pirate Summit – September 7 (Cologne, DE) – Keynote on “The State of AI” + AI track moderation

AI in Asia, where are we now? – September 14th (Hong Kong, CH) – Keynote on “Thinking with Technology”

Watson Developer Day – October 5th (Amsterdam, NL) – Keynote on “The Watson Platform – Develop your own AI”

ChatBotConf – October 14th (Vienna, AT) – Keynote on “Talking with Technology”

Product Tank London – October 20 (London, UK) – Keynote on “Thinking with Technology”

How to Web – November 2 (Bucharest, RO) – Keynote on “What’s hot or not in AI”

Digital Freedom Festival – November 28 (Riga, LV) – Keynote on “#AI, The Next Big Thing”

Slush – November 30 (Helsinki, FI) – Panelist at ” Deep Tech Investing – Pulling Sci-fi Toward Reality” + Moderator at “AI in 2016: The Real Deal”