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Strategies for Developing a CVC that Yield Long-Term Results

The landscape of corporate venture capital in 2017 Corporate investment has increased radically in the past decade, with total corporate venture capital (CVC) investments growing more than 500% between 2009 and 2015, propelled by the rise of social media and… Read More


Premature scaling is the #1 cause of failure among startups. I love the enthusiasm founders have for their startups and I totally understand that each of them is eager to grow the hell out of it in order… Read More

From MVP to product/market fit – why definitions matter

Over the past few months I’ve had discussions with various investors, entrepreneurs and others active in startup ecosystems about startup stages, terminology and definitions frequently used in our industry – terms like MVP, product/market fit, and more. After… Read More

Startup CEOs need to sell their business, not the product

I recently had a call with a tech startup that complained about wasting too much time during initial calls with potential VCs because they have so much to tell. Their excitement about the product is killing them! I… Read More

How startup CEOs can improve their fundraising skills

How startup CEOs can improve their fundraising skills I recently came across this very good piece by Christoph Janz, managing partner at Point Nine Capital in Berlin. His post reveals the biggest pain points early-stage tech startups face… Read More

Why Startup hubs are beneficial to high-growth startups?

“Startup hubs are preventing startups from failing.” Paul Graham Startup hubs are one of the biggest buzz words of the past years. There’s not a single week without an article that presents a statistic about rising hubs like… Read More